Core Courses in Physics

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This course is intended to provide an introduction to the physics of Condensed Matter. This study attempts to explain various types of phenomena like electro-magnetic properties, super-conductivity and super fluidity.

Core Course for UG programme in Physics.

Core course for UG Programme in Physics

Scope : This course will be an introduction to the pursuit of Physics, its history and

methodology. The course also aims at emphasizing the importance of measurement

which is central to physics.

Prerequisites: This is an introductory course. Any student who opts to take Physics

as the core subject for B. Sc. should attend this course.

Module I : Historical perspective on Physics and its method (12 hrs)

Module II : Measuring instruments (12 Hours)

Module III : Error Analysis (12 Hours)

Core course for UG programme in Physics 

Scope: This course is intended to give an insight to computer hardware and computer applications.

Module I :  Microprocessors (20 hrs )

Module II : Computer hardware (5 hrs), Programming in C++ (17 hrs)

Module III : Numerical methods (12 hrs)