Add-on courses with certification from Mar Thoma College, Tiruvalla


To develop academic and professional use of vocabulary in students.

Teacher: Prof.Teena T Elizabeth

Duration of Programme : 12Hrs

Syllabus:  words demanding manners, politeness, words used for bank, courts and office transactions, commonly used idioms and phrases

An introductory course on basic accounting principles and practices.


(1) To introduce Nano technology and its applications

(2) To train the students to prepare and characterize the nano-materials using various  methods

(3) Manufacturing of devices using Nano materials.

Duration: 30 Hrs

Syllabus : Introduction & Principles of nanotechnology, Preparation methods of Nano materials, Characterizations of materials, Applications of materials in technology.


1.To develop the skill & Knowledge of Web page design.

2. Students will understand how they can function either as an entrepreneur or can take up jobs in the multimedia and Web site development studio and other information technology sectors

Teacher : Prof. Antu Annam Thomas

Duration of Programme : 20Hrs

Summary of Syllabus : Basics in Web Designing and Website Management, HTML, Introduction to CSS

Class Timing : (Tuesday and Thursday) from 3.30pm to 4.30 pm for 10 weeks


  • To develop creative skills in students
  • Instil students interest towards art and craft

Teacher: Prof.Sheeba K Jacob

Duration of Programme: 12Hrs

Summary of Syllabus :  Techniques to make use of waste materials, Flower making, Vegetable carving, Metal embossing, Fabric painting, Cooking


1. To support advanced students make use of language to strengthen creativity.

2.To discover aptitude for media and communication and to promote media related writing skills.

Teacher : Dr. Renjith Joseph

Duration : 20Hrs

Syllabus : Writing with a purpose – the Writing Process - Golden Rules of Writing - Style Guide - Fine Tuning Language, Creative Writing - Prose and Poetry, Writing for Print Media, Writing for the Electronic Media – Technical Writing, Writing for the Visual Media – Theatre, TV, Radio and Cinema. From Visuals in the Mind to Words. Visuals on Screen and Speech

The basic aim of this course is to give an understanding of the principle and instrumentation of different equipment using for the analysis of different kinds of chemical compounds

MATLAB is a high-performance language for technical computing. Octave is an open source alternative from GNU. The course will cover basics of MATLAB / Octave environment, data handling and visualization.

The course will provide exposure to advanced data analysis and visualization software currently used in all major research fields.

Syllabus : Basic Introduction, Essential Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Scripting

* This Add-On course will be offered in the LEAP platform.