Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Mar Thoma College is committed to empowering its students and staff to attain the full human potential as revealed in the person and teaching of Jesus Christ.


Vision Statement

Mar Thoma College is committed:

  • To produce worthy citizens for nation building with a sense of social commitment and humanistic outlook.

  • To impart quality education based on Christian values to make it affordable to all sections of the society.

  • To empower young people with life skills to face the challenges in the changing global environment.

  • To instill the spirit of enquiry and pursuit of life long learning through discovery dissemination of knowledge.


Goals and Objectives

The College stands for seeking and cultivating new knowledge, promoting research and developing professional competence in an atmosphere of academic freedom. The institution seeks to provide training to meet human power requirements of the changing times. The objective of the College is to develop leadership qualities, creativity and physical and mental fitness with a concern for environment, gender justice and human rights so as to contribute to the building up of the nation and international harmony.

Mar Thoma College, Tiruvalla has made its indelible mark as a committed Christian institution of good standard in the field of higher education of Kerala all through the six decades of its existence. In spite of financial constraints all through its development, the College was able to maintain a high standard in all the fields of its activities and set an example well acknowledged by all. We have also been able to give due importance to the personality development and character formation of our students, majority of whom are women. More than 60000 students have blossomed out to the vast world from this institution so far.

Thousands of our alumni are working in the Gulf regions and in many other parts of the world. Mar Thoma College has always been an institution with a difference, which nourished the idea of a family concept. Academic excellence always received top priority, but value education was no less important. The tasks ahead are many and more challenging. With the dawn of the new era, quality education has become costlier and unaffordable for many. We stand committed to our firm resolve to bring the benefits of higher education within the reach of the less fortunate segments in the society. The College community has passionately attempted to adhere to the motto of the institution:

Education par Excellence and Educated for the Society ”.