Rational Discourse

Rational Discourse, the peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal of Mar Thoma College, was a dream actualised by the Academic Cell of the college in 1997, which was then spearheaded by the late Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Metropolitan. Originally it was published under the name ‘SEARCH’, but in 1998 it appeared as we see it now, the name having been suggested by the late Dr. M.M. Thomas, erstwhile world-renowned theologian and orator. It was enthusiastically taken up by the academia, both in and outside Kerala. During those times similar journals published by affiliate colleges in the state were few in number, and the editorial committee had a tough time sifting through a spate of articles received from several disciplines. However, the journal was able to include outstanding research articles from both sciences and humanities. Dr. Abraham Karickam and later Dr. Alex Mathew, both former principals of the college, have put in meritorious service as editors of the journal.

The journal received an ISSN (0972-2955) in 1999. The electronic version of the journal, ensures an international appeal, higher flexibility, and significantly high impact factor. Dr. G. Koshy is now functioning as Chief Editor of the journal.

Journal Website : http://marthomacollege.org/rd

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