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Mar Thoma College is committed to empowering its students and staff to attain the full human potential as revealed in the person and teaching of Jesus Christ.



His Grace The Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan


The department offers B. Sc. (Chemistry), M. Sc. (Pure Chemistry), M. Sc. (Analytical Chemistry) and Ph. D. programmes.


Thrust Areas of Research: Polymer Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry


  1. Dr. Thomas Mathew M.Sc., M.Phil. Ph.D
    Phone: 0469-2630432
  2. Prof. Mary Sarah Cherian M.Sc., M.Phil.
    Phone: 0469-2741223
  3. Dr. Koshy John M.Sc., Ph.D. (Research Guide)
    Phone: 0479-2306128
  4. Dr. Neema Ani Mangalam M.Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D.
    Phone: 9495586925
  5. Prof. Ajesh K. Zachariah M.Sc.
    Phone: 9847186661
  6. Prof. Nebu John M.Sc., B. Ed.
    Phone: 9846274734
  7. Dr. Shaji Varghese M.Sc., Ph.D.
    Phone: 9947542517
  8. Prof. Sharon Achamma Abraham M.Sc.
    Phone: 9496267944
  9. Prof. Anitha George Varghese M.Sc., B. Ed.
    Phone: 8281174915
  10. Prof. Merin Sara Thomas M.Sc.
    Phone: 9497637687
  11. Dr. Reenamole G. M.Sc., Ph.D.
    Phone: 9744533166
  12. Prof. Josmin P. Jose M.Sc.
    Phone: 8281486981
  13. Dr. Reni George M.Sc., Ph.D.
    Phone: 9447114478
  14. Prof. Sereen Thomas M.Sc., B. Ed.
    Phone: 9495702899