Department was started in 1957 offering B.Sc. in Botany. It was raised to the post graduate level in 1966 offering M.Sc. in Botany. The Department was recognized as research department in the year 1986. A third course was started in 1999 offering B.Sc. in Vocational Botany with Food Microbiology as the vocational subject. A fourth course was started under the wings of the Department, M.Sc. Microbiology (Self-Financing) and the then head of the department was the Coordinator.

Botany Association

It was established in the year 1957. All the teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students of the department are members of the Association. The president of the Association is nominated by the staff council each year. The rest of the office bearers are elected from the graduate and post graduate classes unanimously. The functioning of the association begins with inauguration and ends with valedictory function. In between seminars, workshops, quiz programs, cultural competitions, poster competitions, vegetable carving, flower arrangement competitions etc are organized. Former teachers of the department are also invited to share the expertise with the members.


Thrust Areas of research : Micrbiology, Biotechnology, Mycology, Taxonomy, Phycology, Ethnobotany, Biochemistry & Physiology.

The department was recognized as a research department in the year 1986.

Research Guides:-

  1. Dr. Koshy Abraham
  2. Dr. P.G. Abraham
  3. Dr. Neeta N. Nair
  4. Dr. Mathews T. Thelly
  5. Dr. Bobby T. Edwin
  6. Dr. Jacob Thomas

Faculty Members

Dr. Neeta N. Nair (Research Guide)
  1. Dr. Manju Philip M.Sc, B.Ed., M.Phil. Ph.D.
    Phone: 0481-2721244 0469-2635090
  2. Prof. Renosh Tom Varghese K. M.Sc.
    Phone: 0469-2782663
    eLearning Website:
  3. Dr. Neeta N. Nair M.Sc., Ph.D. (Research Guide)
  4. Prof. Sonia Anna Zachariah M.Sc.
  5. Dr. Anitha Jose M.Sc., Ph.D. (Microbiology)
    Phone: 0474-2552217
  6. Dr. Jacob Thomas M.Sc, B.Ed., Ph.D. (Research Guide)
    eLearning Website:
  7. Dr. Deepu A. M. Sc. (Biochemistry), Ph. D.
    Phone: 9995147440
  8. Prof. Susan Kuriakose M.Sc. B.Ed.
    Phone: 9496593547
  9. Prof. Jincy P. Abraham M. Sc.
    Phone: 9645361215
  10. Prof. Reethu Mariah Jacob M. Sc.
    Phone: 9747630402

Former Faculty

1. Prof. PC. GeorgeHOD1953-64
2. Prof. Koshy AbrahamHOD1958-81
3. Koshy CherianHOD1960-99
4. Dr. P.G. Abraham 1971-94
5. Prof. P.C. Abraham 1966-99
6. Prof. Abraham Raju 1968-99
7. Prof. Accama Varghese 1981-99
8. Prof. Mathews Varkey 1970-2000
9. Prof. Jacob MathewHOD1968-2000
10. Prof. Annamma ThomasHOD1971-2002
11. Prof. Alexander Mathew 1971-2002
12. Prof. K.S. ThomasHOD1975-2003
13. Dr. Koshy Abraham 1981-2009
14. Prof. Thomas MathewHOD1977-2010
15. Dr. Mary Chacko  
16. Dr. E. A. Siril  
17. Dr. Mathews T. Thelly  
18. Dr. Elizabeth T. MangattHOD 2018


Alumni of Department of Botany meet every year. Earlier this meeting was held in the second Saturday of November. But since the establishment of seminar system at UG level, it has been decided to conduct the alumni annual get-together on Sivarathri day which is a holiday. The alumni date is a memorable event in the department calendar. The department cherishes the contributors and the memories of the former staff and students. The oldest alumni of the department were honoured with Ponnada during the golden jubilee celebrations. The sad demise of the former HOD Prof. Koshy Abraham who was an active member of the association was irreparable loss.