The Department of History, Mar Thoma College, Tiruvalla is considered to be one of the best department for history under Mahatma Gandhi University. Though history was taught at the campus ever since its inception, it gained an individual status as a seat of learning in the year 1981. The department has upheld the tradition alive of being an alma mater of some famous names of Kerala and thousands of common man leading successful lives. Even in the era of professional courses gaining achievement, it is astonishing to see the response for B. A. History programme. The department had bagged university ranks in degree examination in several occasions and first rank twice in its history. Mr. B. G. Krishnan and Mr. Mathew Sam secured first rank in 2001 and 2010 respectively. The department had been blessed by eminent and visionary teachers like Prof. S. Jacob, Prof. P. S. Sakaria, Prof. K. P. Deenamma, Prof. P. T. Chacko, Dr. Varghese George, Dr. Alex Mathew and Prof. Mathew Varghese. Currently Prof. Mathew Sam and Prof. K. M. Vishnu Namboodiri are working in the department. The department conducts career orientation programmes, alumni meetings, extension lectures, quiz programmes, national seminars, research projects and other curricular activities to nurture students as socially responsible individuals.


  1. Prof. Mathew Sam M. A.
  2. Prof. K M Vishnu Namboodiri  M. A. (HOD)

Former Faculty

  1. Prof. (Mrs.) S. Jacob
  2. Prof. Zachakariah P. S.
  3. Prof. Deenamma K. P.
  4. Prof. Chacko P. T.
  5. Dr. Varghese George
  6. Prof. Abraham K. A.
  7. Prof. Mathew Varghese
  8. Dr. Alex Mathew