Governing Council

The College is managed by the Governing Council constituted by the Mar Thoma Sabha Council of the The Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar. The Governing Council consists of 12 members, with one of the Bishops as the Chairperson. The Principal is the Secretary of the Governing Council. There is also one elected representative of the faculty in the Governing Council. The remaining members are either nominated or elected by the Sabha Council, or co-opted by the Governing Council. The Governing Council takes important decisions regarding administration and also matters such as the starting of new courses, development of infra-structural facilities, review of policies and so on.

Members of the Governing Council

1. The Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan (Manager)
2. Rev. Daniel Thomas
3. Dr. K.T. Philip (Treasurer)
4. Dr. Alex Mathew
5. Adv. Varghese Mammen
6. Dr. Rajan Varghese
7. Dr. John Abraham
8. Dr. Samuel Mathew
9. Dr. Achamma Alex
10. Dr. Sheila Elizabeth Mathew
11. Prof. Annamma Varghese
10. Dr. Icy K. John, Principal (Secretary)

College Council

The College Council is a statutory body consisting of the Principal (Chairman), the various heads of departments and four elected members of the teaching staff. The internal affairs of the college are administered by the Principal in consultation with the College Council. The Council makes regular assessment of the curricular and co-curricular activities on the campus and makes all relevant proposals concerning planning and developments. The council also recommends the nomination of various teachers as directors, president and members of the committees and associations which steer the curricular and co-curricular activities on the campus.


1. Dr. Icy K. John (Principal)
2. Dr. G. Koshy
3. Prof. Kesia Mary Philip
4. Dr. Tutu M. John
5. Prof. Preetha Rachel George
6. Dr. Samuel Mathew
7. Prof. Mary Sarah Cherian
8. Dr. Manju Philip
9. Dr. Susan Thomas
10. Prof. Vishnu Namboodiri K. M.
11. Prof. Aby Thomas
12. Dr. Mohan Varghese
13. Prof. Nijin K. Mathew
14. Dr. A. J. Nigi
15. Dr. Ajesh K. Zachariah
16. Prof. Aravind Sankar N.
17. Prof. Mini Thomas
18. Prof. Sheeba K. Jacob
19. Sri. Sajan Varughese
20. Sri. Thomas Varghese