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Mar Thoma College is committed to empowering its students and staff to attain the full human potential as revealed in the person and teaching of Jesus Christ.



His Grace The Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan


The College has been one among the very first institutions recognized for research by Mahatma Gandhi University. A number of candidates are engaged as full-time and part-time research scholars in the research departments of the College, viz. English, Economics, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

Our Research Departments, by special permission of the Governing Council, provide facilities for teachers (research guides) of other institutions also for guiding their research scholars.

Besides the research projects of the individual scholars, there has been constant exploration by the College to link research with extension.

Many ongoing minor and major research projects are progressing with the financial assistance of UGC, DST, KSCSTE, UBCHEA etc. in the College.

Since the starting of Research Centers in 1987, the College has produced several Ph.Ds in different disciplines. The Comparative Literature Research Study Centre (CLRSC) in the college promotes research in the field of comparative literature.

A ‘Research Forum’ also functions in the college with a view to enhance research temperament among the teachers and to conduct research oriented academic programmes.

Centres & Guides

Research Centres
  • Dr. M.Y Abraham (Rtd)
  • Dr. A.P. John (Rtd)
  • Dr. C.S.Philipose (Rtd)
  • Dr. G. Koshy
  • Dr. C. Gopinathan
  • Dr. K.T.Philip (Rtd)
  • Dr. Mercy Mathew (Rtd)
  • Dr. M. I. Andrews
  • Dr. John George
  • Dr. Kurien Mathew
  • Dr. Koshy Abraham
  • Dr. P.G. Abraham
  • Dr. Neeta N. Nair
  • Dr. Mathews T. Thelly
  • Dr. Bobby T. Edwin
  • Dr. Jacob Thomas
  • Dr. Abraham Varghese (Rtd)
  • Dr. Jacob Abraham
  • Dr. Koshy John
  • Dr. Samuel Mathew
  • Dr. Jojo PJ
  • Dr. Yohannan Panicker
  • Dr. Hema Tresa Varghese
  • Dr. Abraham Geroge
  • Dr. P. J. Philip
Political Sciences
  • Dr. M. M. Mathew
  • Dr. K. Jacob
  • Dr. K.S. Darsanambika
  • Dr. K. Reji Kumar
  • Dr. C.V. Anil Kumar

Course Work

Course work for the full-time and part-time resarch students are conducted by the respective research centres in the college. The syllabus for the course work is prescribed by Mahatma Gandhi Univerisy, Kottayam. Click here for details.