Online Learning Platform

Learner’s Excellence in Academic Pursuits (LEAP) is an implementation of the popular Learning Management System, Moodle. The primary goal of the LEAP platform is the Excellence in Learning. LEAP is expected to have far outreaching impact among students surpassing constraints of space and time and should provide an impetus to the innovations in teaching learning process. The LEAP platform is a response to the demand of quantum leap in the higher education scenario in the state.

It is conceived by the FLAIR fellows of the college, namely Dr. Noble P. Abraham (Dept. of Physics) , Prof. Ajesh K. Zachariah (Dept. of Chemistry), Dr. Reenamole G.  (Dept. of Chemistry) and Dr. Shilly Elizabeth David (Dept. of Zoology).

His Grace The Most Rev.Dr.Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan inaugurated the online learning platform, Learner’s Excellence in Academic Pursuits (LEAP) , on 26th October 2016 and various Add-On courses offered in the college. The LEAP platform is available at the URL