Workshop on Experiments in Physics for Higher Secondary Teachers

Department of Physics, Mar Thoma College, Tiruvalla, is arranging a ‘Workshop on Experiments in Physics for Higher Secondary Teachers’  on Saturday, 4th February 2017.

This enlightening workshop is designed for higher secondary physics teachers to have an opportunity to rectify the shortcomings and difficulties they experience in conducting experiments in the school labs.

Resource Person : Prof. E. V. Thomas, Former HOD, Dept. of Physics, Mar Thoma College, Tiruvalla.
Coordinator: Prof. Santhosh Jacob (Mob: +91 9447388187,  +91 9497329980 (Dr. Noble), E-mail:

Number of seats is limited to 30.

Last Date for Registration is 30th January 2017. 

List of Experiments being demonstrated at the workshop

  1. Spherometer
  2. Quill Tube
  3. Stoke’s Method
  4. Newton’s Law of cooling
  5. Potentiometer – Comparison of EMFs
  6. AC Sonometer
  7. Concave Lens
  8. Convex Mirror
  9. Glass Slab Refractive Index
  10. Liquid Lens – Concave Mirror
  11. PN Junction
  12. Zener Diode
  13. Galvanometer R & K
  14. Galvanometer to Ammeter Conversion
  15. Galvanometer to Voltmeter Conversion
  16. Transistor Characteristics